Let's call it a night

Sunday, October 10, 2010

performance anxiety

I need to write a paper by Wednesday (what? you say, that's so far away!) and I'm getting the jitters over writing this. I have the rudimentary fragments of an outline, but I'm waffling on putting any thoughts down on paper. who actually gets nervous over writing a paper that's due in three days? I should be studying for that stat midterm, instead, for which I'm also in deep shit. drowning in poop, almost.

stepping back just a little -- this semester has been so busy for me. I'm making more money than ever, but holding down these two jobs is seriously cramping everything else. I'm struggling to get schoolwork done and also with everything else. add to that the fact that (and I hate using that term, it's so unnecessary but I'm too lazy to reconfigure my sentence to void it) I have no idea what I want to do this summer or even this winter. yes, I know, my life sucks. /sarcasm Okay. Time to stop worrying about Harvard things and time to get back to this paper. I can do it.