Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hometown glory

Sarin Finkelstein was born in Columbia, MO. She's been published in many national magazines and newspapers such as the New York Post, Time Out NY, the Telegraph, and TIME. Her most recent body of work focuses on prospectors. On "The New 49ers," she writes:
In the midst of the recession, I have been driven to document the struggles of ordinary people against extraordinary odds. They are the new wave of gold prospectors that have re-emerged in California, 150 years since the original Gold Rush, united by a passionate and desperate search for gold to support them until the job market improves. The miners here—recent layoffs, veterans, retirees, ex-convicts and freelancers—are dependent on the income they derive from prospecting. Selling an ounce of gold at its now all-time high market rate of $1200+/oz. provides them with hope for survival.